What is this place? Where am I?

Well, welcome traveller, you’ve arrived at my website, Video Games Are Great. It’s where you can read about my take on games and the games industry. Doesn’t that sound fun?

Sure, I love games! What kind of content can I expect?

Well, you can expect regular articles in the style of reviews, editorials, and thought pieces. I also occasionally cast pods, if you’re more of an auditory person.

Sounds cool, but who are you? And why is your voice so velvety in my head?

The power of vocal coaching, my friend. I’m Matt Broadey, and I’ve been playing games since I was shown a GameBoy Colour and Pokemon Yellow, aged 6. You can expect me to talk about gaming on the PC, Xbox One, PS4, and the WiiU, while tabletop gaming and mobile games will doubtless be getting a mention too. If any of those are your thing, then you’re more than welcome here!

Sweet. So, how do I get out of here?

Yeah, about that… *ominous click*


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