Taking a break

Hey, y’all.

I’m going to take a break from writing for a little while. You may have noticed from the length between post dates that there’s been something of a drop in content lately, and it’s for good as well as bad reasons.

The good is that I have a lovely new job which, while rewarding, is leaving me a bit tuckered out in my spare time right now. I simply need some me-time headspace as I settle into the role.

The bad is that I’m still coming out of a particularly bad spot of depression and daily anxiety attacks. My overall mental state and sense of self-worth are miles better than a couple of months ago, but I need some time away from regular blog posts to help refresh.

So I’m not currently committing to reviewing every game I complete. I’m not going away so much as taking a step back. When I’ve settled in enough, mentally and vocationally, I plan on working as hard as possible on producing quality reviews and thought pieces for you all to dig into. I just need some time without serious commitment to the blog.

Thank you to every one of my readers. I’ll be back soon.


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